The PPI Cropcam

A New Altitude in Agriculture

The PPI Cropcam is a professional-grade precision agriculture unmanned aircraft system.  Fully autonomous from takeoff to landing, the Cropcam makes it easy to scout and analyze crop health, then form and execute a treatment plan, optimizing fertilizer, nutrient, and water use.  The result: significantly greater size and quality of crop yield. 

  • Industry leading endurance –  up to 55min
  • Proven Reliability - 12 years of safe flights, tens of thousands of safe flight hours
  • Fully Autonomous flight and landing, hand-launched
  • Versatility – Can be used for any application requiring high-resolution aerial photography
  • Compatible with dozens of cameras, including NIR, RGB, red-edge, thermal, and multispectral models
  •  PPI’s Universal Cockpit can be used in combination with the Cropcam as a Mobile Operations Center capable of designing flight plans, operating the UAS in-flight, processing data, and developing crop prescription plans 





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