Universal Cockpit Controls

Incorporating future Civil Aviation Authority requirements, our cockpit allows the pilot to monitor and display flight sensitive information at the right place and time to ensure mission success. Our custom designed cockpit contains its own environmental control system and allows the pilot to control and display all sensors. The cockpit is constructed with the strongest alloys and contains very few moving parts making it rugged and ready for travel.

PPI Universial Cockpit

The ergonometric design minimizes stress and fatigue associated with the long flights typically flown by our UAS planes and incorporates a seat rated to 24 hour operations. Our cockpit can interface with commercial Air Vehicle and the Simulators allowing for zero flight time pilot training.  

Our Universal Cockpit is capable of flying any UAS, by any Pilot or Sensor Operator. It comes equip with a hands on throttle and stick (HOTAS), multi-function displays tailored to your needs, is ergonomically designed, and is made from durable construction. For added comfort the cockpit has a 24 hour rated seat with independent environmental controls. For two cockpit deployments, two of our cockpits will fit into 20’ ISO container operations for easy system integration and plug and play implementations.