PPI Procam powered by Atlas Aerospace

Professional Portability

The PPI Procam is a professional aerial surveillance UAS boasting industry leading endurance and payload capabilities.  It’s retractable, carbon fiber design provides both strength and portability, allowing ease of transportation and rapid field deployment.

Industry Leading Performance

The Procam is capable of hovering for 90 minutes, and flying for 60 minutes within a range of 30 miles and at altitudes up to 20,000 ft. MSL.  With a maximum flight speed of 60 KIAS and a payload of 5.5 pounds, the Procam can handily outperform any other multirotor UAS in the market.

Intelligent Durability

Outfitted with a vision/radar system for obstacle avoidance, literally no object can stand it the way of the Procam.  Its weather-resistant airframe can withstand water, dust, rain, and low temperatures with ease.

Precision Payload

The stock Procam payload is a high-definition, dual-channel EO/IR stabilized camera, allowing for both day and night mission capabilities.  Weighing just 5.6 ounces, this payload offers unparalleled capabilities in its weight category.  However, should the mission dictate a different camera be used, the Procam is compatible with any camera within the weight requirements.